The ranking system, based on House Hlaalu ranks from the game Morrowind, is intended to be both a fun way to add to the role playing experience and also a way to reward and distinguish exceptional guild members. In no way should the rankings be seen to marginalize lower ranked members. If you ever feel that you deserve a promotion, contact me or one of the other Council Members. Once the council is established, all promotions will require a vote from the Council. Criteria for improving rank include: outstanding PvP play, character level, and time in guild. All members will start out as hirelings and this will be a probationary period. Once you have become accustomed to the guild, and us to you, you will be automatically promoted to retainer.

0. Hireling: Probabtionary. Not yet a full member of the House.

1. Retainer: Rank given to all new members who have proven themselves to the Guild.

2. Oathman: Those who are active and regularly contribute receive this rank.

3. Lawman: Those who contribute exceptionally well to at least one area, such as RP, PvP, Crafting, or PvE.

4. Kinsman: Attainable for Lawmen after 1 month.

5. House Cousin: For those Kinsmen who contribute exceptionally in more than one area.

6. House Brother: Those who contribute exceptionally in several areas, are active, and have been with the guild for 2 months minimum. 

7. House Father: Reserved for the most distinguished, active, and senior members.

8. Military Council: Highest rank members can achieve. Open seats filled by election or appointment.

9. General of the Council: Position reserved for the GM.

10. Grandmaster: An in-game NPC and the ultimate leader of our guild for RP purposes.