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re: Pitchforks

"Subject 48 reacted negatively to amputation, removing the prosthetic with force. Prior to the incident, the Subject preformed admirably, and showed some success with manipulating the device unconsciously before realizing it had replaced his hand. Further testing will be needed on the process. However, due to physical trauma, Subject 48 has rendered further need of itself negligible, and I will preform the usual vivisection before it's disposal."

Tonal finished the entry with his signature, placing the Auto-Quill down beside his Planbook. The Auto-Quill was one of his personal favorite devices, it was metal instead of the typical organic feather, and held the ink inside a replaceable capsule. Quite useful for his research.

Sighing quietly to himself the Artificer stood and stretched his back, gazing about his study the Dwemer smiled sadly as one of his 'pet' Spiders skittered past. In order to keep the Animunculi within Aleft from attacking Tonal had to cut their connection to the Numidium.

It was a difficult process, and it hurt Tonal to have to do it, but he was working in how to restore them. Until then, he'd been forced to power them with a crude form of the Dynamo Cores used in the Skyrim Freeholds. Luckily, the Dwemer had found that he could easily remove the souls he needed from his subjects during the vivisections.

Tonal patted the Centurion Spider as it skittered past, the only kind of spider that didn't cause the Mer twitch uncontrollably, before limping slowly down the ramp leading to his Laboratory. Smiling as he entered the room, Tonal took a moment wonder if it had looked this way when his ancestors still walked the earth. The walls were lined with workbenches and shelves, each one stacked to the breaking point with artifacts, tools, devices, and alchemical equipment. In the center of it all was a great stone slab lined with Dwemeric metal, a twitching body strapped to it. Picking up a scalpel from one of a nearby bench, the Artificer limped over to the slab and looked down at the Breton with a cold eye.

Tonal'd found the Breton at the fishing village on the shore across from Aleft, where he got all of his test subjects, and brought him back as was usual. The Centurions were always highly useful in acquiring new subjects, and the property damage was far outweighed by the benefits of fresh subjects.

"Alright then, let's begin. I suggest you don't struggle. Or scream. They'll only make it worse, and neither does you any good, Manling."

The man started screaming the moment Tonal brought the scalpel down, causing the Artificer to sigh. It never did any good, he thought, before continuing his cut.


Normally, Tonal was right, it never did his Test Subjects any good to scream, prey, struggle, what have you. Resistance was futile. However, in this case, the Dwemer was quite wrong.

The normally quite secure workshop was an ancient place, one of the oldest structures in Vvardenfel, but it was also rather obvious. Unfortunately for the Artificer, the local townspeople had grown quite opposed to his research, and his newest Test Subject just happened to be something akin to an "upstanding pillar of the community" within the fishing village.

His abduction was rather the final straw for the town, unfortunately, and they had gathered up a good deal of pitchforks and torches to stage a protest outside of the Dwemer's workshop. Setting up shop directly outside, and on top of, the Dwemer's workshop, the townsfolk surrounded the place and called in some of the local Hlaalu Guards to evict poor Tonal from his home. All futile, in the end, as no less then two Centurions, three Spheres, and four Spiders, flooded from Aleft and crushed, smashed, burned, and cut, both the Guards & Townsfolk, into a bloody ruin.

Tonal left shortly afterward.
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