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re: Reuniting


Alandauron looked around the camp, the mostly Dunmer group paid no attention to a former Hlaalu Council member, even less one who had lost Hlaalu Kragenmoor a couple years past.  He liked it that way now, Alandauron had distanced himself from everything that he used to be, everything the reminded him of the bad decisions he had made in the past.  His new life was headed in a different direction, he looked over at the Bosmer that was responsible for the change in him and smiled.

"Stop staring s'wit." Iniana said to him in a hushed but playful tone, "Your secret won't be a secret if you make it so obvious."

After traveling with Iniana for several months a relationship had developed between them, but Alandauron was scared to let anyone get too close, he knew eventually his life would catch up with him.  With all that he had done, all that he had been involved in, he knew anyone he cared about would suffer the same way his parents had, he was cursed.  Even so, Iniana made him want to try.  

They had been traveling with this particular caravan for three months and only because they had heard a rumor about someone they knew in the area the caravan was traveling to.  Whether or not the rumor was true they weren't sure but they wanted to look into it regardless.


Since Hlaalu restored it's honor by defending a critical Keep in the Cyrodil wars not much good had occured for the once proud Great House.  The House maintained what honor it had by publicly shaming those who served under General Idas Talbor and stripping some of the less liked, including Alandauron, of their title and privilege.  The successful defense of Fort Farragut hadn't been awarded to the General but instead to the Great House itself for proper planning and scouting in lieu of the incoming assault.  Idas and his commanders had become the public scapegoat for everything bad that Hlaalu was responsible for, Idas had retained his position only because of his years of service, at least that's what the public was told.  In reality Idas had gained a good deal of support despite his questionable ideals on freeing the Argonians and other races from slavery to the Dunmer.

At first Alandauron struggled with losing all that he had worked to achieve, overnight he went from respected and powerful to once again a nobody.  He had no interest in trying to work his way back up again and instead became a mercenary for a few months, collecting as much as he could while the war still raged on.  As a mercenary he didn't choose a side and instead took a job with whoever was paying the most, he traveled all over Cyrodil fighting on all sides of the war and even fought against and killed members of Hlaalu on one occasion.  After the fight against Hlaalu he felt the sting of remorse for the first time since he had left his friends, he left the militia without requesting pay and traveled to Chorrol to find a carravan back to Morrowind.  It was there that he ran into Iniana again, they had met thanks to Katriel on the road once before and she had lifted his spirits then, seeing her now reminded him of better days.  Iniana still maintained her smile as he watched her from a distance, he wanted to go speak to her but didn't know what to say.  After a moment she disappeared from his view and he returned to his meal, the weight of his remorse weighing heavier than ever before.

Alandauron finished his meal and stood to leave, he turned slightly and was struck square in the chest by a pair of boots, he was lifted off the ground and flung backwards and onto the ground.  "Hello there s'wit!" Above him, smiling, was the Bosmer girl that he had fought with at Fort Farragut, the same girl who had tried to kill him while he was helping Katriel find someone important to her.  Her smile was as wide and beautiful as ever.

"I wanted to sa--"

"I saw ya staring at me earlier, if you weren't cute I would have done more than kick you.  That and Katriel thinks you're alright."  The Bosmer continued smiling and reached her hand out to Alandauron, as he reached up to grab her hand she yanked it away and turned.

"Wait." Alandauron muttered to the Bosmer while stumbling back to his feet.  "Stay awhile, I wouldn't mind the company."

She turned and looked back at him, her smile turned to a smirk.  She put her hand on her hip as she looked Alandauron up and down and then began walking back toward him.  "I guess I could find worse company out here."

"It was Iniana right?  That's a be-" Alandauron paused as he locked eyes with her, the beautiful green glow of her eyes was as enchanting now as it had been at Fort Farragut.  "I want to apologize, we were enemies at Fort Farragut but even there I had no desire to fight you."

Iniana gigled and blushed slightly from the comment, "Well thank you, I guess the Dunmer are as noble as they say."

Iniana and Alandauron sat down and he ordered drinks for them both, they spent several hours talking.  Iniana told Alandauron about what happened while she had traveled with Katriel, how they had saved many of their family, and Alandauron told about what had happened upon his return to Fort Farragut.  After several drinks the two left for a room together where they continued talking into the night.


After traveling together and avoiding all responsibility for several months Alandauron and Iniana decided to seek out their friends and make sure they were alright.  The caravan had led them to Cheydinhal where they had heard rumors that sounded like someone they once knew, as they walked they were too distracted by one another to notice someone had taken an interest in them.


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re: Reuniting


It had been a long time since Xivilli had decided to venture out into the world he had once known. Dressed in pitch black and blood red robes, a hood and cowl, and a cloak that was enchanted to appear made of pure shadow, no one could make out the bundle he carried. To his left was a Khajiit, tall and slender, with a grey coat, black stripes, and blood red eyes. This follower was dressed in similar garb as the Dunmer, minus the red. They moved swiftly, but cautiously, looking to join up with a caravan in order to cross into Morrowind unnoticed. Xivilli barely associated with Hlaalu or Telvanni anymore, and had become accustomed to avoiding the politics of the world. 

He felt the bundle squirm in his arms, and so he gently strokes it's head and and whispered sweet words as quietly as he could. The bundle would have to eat soon, and so he walked towards a few stalls to buy what provisions he could. He heard the Khajiit's breath hitch for a moment, and he glanced over his shoulder to look into his face. He was looking at something Xivilli had not noticed, his expression of joy, overconfidence, but when the cat looked into Xi's eyes, the Dunmer saw what was really there...

He turned back to the transactions at hand, and that is when the Khajiit snuck off. Purchasing supplies for the journey had given the assassin a chance to slip away, to pursue a new fascination. A Dunmer and a Bosmer, traveling together. Dar'Siri, the Khajiit, grinned, revealing sharp teeth, and decided to play a game. He followed the two, sticking to shadows where he could but pretending to be busy with other distractions when they were not available. He never lost sight of them. 

Dar'Siri never lost sight of a good time.

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