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re: Gangs of Elsweyr


Elsweyr gang structure and background



Lorkhaj’s Faithful

This gang was established in 3E 40 by an unknown group of thieves.  All that is known about Lorkhaj’s Faithful is rumor and generalities.  The majority of the people in Darvulk Haven believe there is no organized body behind the thieves, just that Darvulk Haven is filled with them.

The gang was originally established as a means to better the people of Darvulk Haven but has since been twisted into a gang whole’s sole purpose is to control what happens within the town.  They utilize mainly bribes and theft to establish this control and are deeply seeded in the town’s weak branch of government.  The Faithful have also planted or bribed members in other gangs in order to maintain their secrecy and ensure that the majority don’t suspect an organized group or at worst don’t perceive them as any sort of threat.

The Lieutenant over the thieves of the Progenitors is actually one of the Faithful’s plants, though might not be the only one.  This group wants to remain unknown and control the town from behind the scenes.



The Progenitors

The gang wasn’t officially started until 3E 45, but before that existed as only a group of Assassins that called themselves “Firstborn”.  The Firstborn were the second established gang to exist in Darvulk Haven but were unaware of the Faithful until long after their establishment.  The leader that established The Firstborn was Tristane Yeomaire, a Breton that had lived among the Altmer a good portion of his life.  The Firstborn used assassinations to gain a form of control over the town, and believed they had succeeded.  The reality is that The Faithful actually infiltrated their ranks early on simply to find out their wishes and used their influence with town officials to give the assassins the illusion of control.

The Firstborn were established in 3E 43, but two years later a man who is unknown to all, except his Lieutenants and personal guard, came to Darvulk Haven with a proposition for The Firstborn.  They quickly agreed to the arrangement and The Progenitors were established.  Little is known about the man who made the arrangements; those that are aware of his existence merely refer to him as Mogul.

When Mogul took over he implemented a vital change that led to the success of The Progenitors, he added in a 2nd branch in the gang which he called “Enforcers”.  Mogul used his personal guard, which he had brought with him from the port city of Alabaster, to form the original set of Enoforcers.  Sorian was among those that Mogul brought from Alabaster, the Redguard worked hard to get to the position of Lieutenant over the Enforcers.

Mogul’s Progenitors thrived for two years, but Mogul decided he wanted to take this gang to the next step.  On a visit to Darvulk Haven he met and recruited a thief that went by “Sightless” to lead a 3rd branch of his gang.  The Progenitors had always utilized thieves, but before this change they were controlled by the assassins and also received little to no respect from the two existing branches.  When Mogul established the 3rd branch and placed Sightless in charge, it gave the thieves a voice in Darvulk Haven.

After the addition of the third branch within The Progenitors their influence grew very quickly, they even began to gain their own influence over the government within Darvulk.  They began to undo the webs weaved by The Faithful and gain their own form of control.  The change in strategy forced The Faithful to adapt their strategies and instead focus on maintaining a form of influence within The Progenitors.  The Faithful also began secretly funding a group to challenge the power of The Progenitors, just something to keep the ever growing force focused somewhere besides identifying them.  Thus The Servants of S’rendarr were formed, a gang of Enforcers bent on forcing The Progenitors out of Darvulk.

The Servants had many successes, even killing the Enforcer leader, but that ended up also being their undoing.  With the opening finally there Sorian “Sailcloth” seized the opportunity and took command of a small group of Enforcers and led them in an attack that proved disastrous for The Servants of S’rendarr.  Sorian, though outnumbered, managed to trap and kill the SoS leader, Mi’aj, locking in his position as new Lieutenant of the Enforcers.

The addition of the 3rd branch led to hostilities with the assassins, the current leader began to feel as if he were losing all influence within the gang.  He tolerated the addition of the additional branches for several years but in 3E 50 decided something needed to be done.  Mogul quickly caught wind of the Assassin leader’s plans to try and retake power and came to Darvulk Haven for a visit.  While in town he had the assassin killed by one of his own who was then placed in charge of the assassin branch of The Progenitors, her name is Ariela Domitian.  With the change in leadership the assassins became Mogul’s most trusted branch and he now utilizes them for his other endeavors.


Unknown to any besides the assassins, his personal guard, and his Lieutenants, Mogul runs a shipping business out of the port city of Alabaster.  He originally established this gang in Darvulk Haven to corner the trade of Moon Sugar in the area.  In recent years, with competition in his shipping business increasing, he has discovered another use for the gang he established.  Mogul plans to expand The Progenitors to other towns in Elsweyr to expand his power and influence, eventually he hopes to be powerful enough to monopolize shipping in and out of Elsweyr.


The Progenitors Break Down:


Founder & Gang Leader: Mogul


Enforcers:  This branch is utilized mainly within Darvulk Haven only.  Very few of the Enforcers are utilized elsewhere and only the best of them.  The finest of the Enforcers, aside from their leader who is responsible for running things in Darvulk, are sent to Mogul as his personal bodyguard, they guard the buildings of his shipping business, his home, and Mogul himself.  The leader of the Enforcers, Sailcloth, personally selects the Enforcers that protect the leader of The Progenitors.

Enforcer Lieutenant: Sorian Isleif

Enforcer Percentage: 50%


Assassins:  Mogul’s favorite of the three branches, at least since making a deal to change the pre-existing leadership, the assassins deal with Mogul’s endeavors outside of Darvulk Haven.  They maintain a presence in the town, but most are used to assist him abroad with any objectives he deems worthy.

Assassin Lieutenant: Ariela Domitian

Assassin Percentage: 30%


Thieves:  Sometimes brute force or quick deaths are not the way, Mogul established the thief branch in order to gain leverage over his enemies in Darvulk Haven.  The thieves utilize their skills to steal precious items, kidnap, and bribe their way to power.

Thief Lieutenant: Sightless

Thief Percentage: 20%



Servants of S’rendarr:

S’rendarr is “The Runt” or “The God of Mercy” to the Khajiit.  For this reason the founders of this Enforcer focused guild chose their name.  The Servants of S’rendarr were formed in early 3E 49 to respond to the overpowering force of The Progenitors.  Those that formed this gang did so to openly stand up to The Progenitors and try to run them out of town.

Unknown to the members of the gang, one of those responsible for it's founding was actually a leading member of Lorkhaj's Faithful.  The goal was to create a gang that could keep the attention of The Progenitors away from The Faithful, without another faction challenging them it would only be a matter of time before The Progenitors would discover their threat.

For the first several months the gang received many new recruits and had several successes against The Progenitors that is until Sailcloth took over as Lieutenant over the Enforcers branch.  Sailcloth successfully trapped the leader from the Servants of S’rendarr and had her publicly executed the following day.  Sailcloth stayed up all night to guard Mi’aj personally and ensure the execution was carried out without incident.

Mi’aj was a great warrior and tactician; she used her knowledge and skill to train many of the gang’s members to fight as an Enforcer.  The gang wasn’t entirely wiped out and is now hunted by the Progenitors anytime the smallest rumor surfaces of them.  With the damage done to the Servants of S'rendarr The Faithful are once again concerned that they will be truly discovered by The Progenitors.

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