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re: Brynjolf "Brynny the Ninny" Alvstad


Name: Brynjolf "Brynny the Ninny" Alvstad

Age: 16

Race: Nord

Appearance: Brynny is almost a man, though you couldn't tell by looking at him. Puberty hit him with the awkward body stick. His arms and legs don't quite match his body, and his whiskers are a terrible sight. He has to keep them shaved, or risk looking like something nightmarish. He's rather short for his age, only five foot two inches tall. Soft boyish face. Blue eyes, blond hair. No scars, tattoos, or piercings.

Personality: Would-be-vigilante-do-gooder. He romanticizes the thought of being a hero, but doesn't understand the challenges and personal sacrifice that it will take to become one. His heart is in the right place, but he lacks the foresight.

History: Brynjolf is the son of a middle class merchant family in Whiterun. He has several older sisters that all made fun of him, and picked on him for all of his life. Brynjolf spent all of his life trying to become a Companion. He eventually quit when some members got tired of him trying to join, so they beat him within an inch of his life. Hurt, and feeling betrayed, he didn't tell anyone who did this. His father disowned him for being a coward. Bryn's moral compass would not be deterred, so he set off to "make a hero out of himself elsewhere". (Do you guys get it? ELSWEYR? HAH) Because, honestly, what else can he do?

Abilities: Literally jack shit. He can read, write, and is alright with numbers and ledgers. He can not sneak to save his life. He has never held a weapon. He has never seen magick used before. He has never been in a fight that didn't involve him getting his ass whooped. 

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