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re: Sorian "Sailcloth" Isleif (Finished Version)


Age And birthsign:

Sorian is vague about his age, and most people think he is about 25 to 28. He likes to keep it that way. In reality he is 35, and secretely dreads  "getting old". When he was born, his parents were both fugitives on the run. He remembers little of them, but one of his most treasured memories is his father telling him that he was born under the sign of the warrior, and one day he would grow up to be strong and fierce.



Sorian is a former redguard pirate who left his life on the high seas behind him for unknown reasons, and is now one of The Progenitors top lieutenants. He is the gangs number one enforcer, and in charge of most their hired muscle and known to lead the “finest” thugs in Darvulk Haven.  He got his nickname, which most people know and call him by, back when he was still new in town and working his way up through the ranks. In a number of hits, he strangled his targets with a strip of sailcloth. Something he picked up during his days as a seafaring brigand



Sorian is not especially tall or broad, nor is he a slab of pure muscle. He is of average height and build, but still visibly muscular. He keeps his brown hair in short dreads that only fall halfway down his neck and are kept together by a red bandanna. He wears a loose pair of trousers that barely hang over his knees, and rarely anything else. He also shaves all the hair on his body, except of course his head, and proudly displays the crisscross of scars that cover his arms and torso. However, the main reason for his full body grooming and light clothing is that Elsweyr “is just too damn hot”. Although he is best known for the strip of sailcloth, and rumored too always carry one with him, he can usually be seen with a shortened cutlass or a cudgel of some kind strapped to his waist.


Strengths and weaknesses:

A lot of people in Darvulk would tell you Sailcloth has no weaknesses. A few of them belive it, others have been paid to say so. He is not vain or boastful, but cares about his reputation.  Though he would never admit it, as he believes that would make him look weak. He can move quietly when he has to, but in truth isn't much for sneaking. Nor is he any good at lockpicking or other thief-like things. And while he is both strong, agile and fast, he excels at none of these atributes. Plenty of people are stronger, faster or more agile than him. his "jack of all trades yet a master of none" approach to combat has always worked for him though. The one thing he takes great pride in is his footwork, years of figthing on wet, rough, uneven and quite often swaying decks has made him nimble and steady on his feet. He has never been any good at politics or intrigue, something other gang members know to take advantage off. Lastly, he is also a bit of a show off. He enjoys people watching him when he fights, and loves scaring or intimidating people. For those reasons he also wears his coin purse openly and unprotected, daring anyone to try and steal it. So far no one has, and no one who knows what's best for them ever will.


Figthing style:

 Like most other gang members, he only wears armor when he knows there will be heavy figthing. Armor only draws the eyes of the guards and makes you stick out, and he thinks that in his usual back alley scuffles and indoor skirmishes it only slows him down or hinders him. He carries a shortened cutlass. His long one got caught on a roofbeam or a wall once too often. Whenever he does gear up fully, he wears leather armor and has both his short and his long cutlass hanging at his sides. He often fights with only on weapon drawn though, prefering to keep a hand free for grabing and punching. Shields encumber him too much and throw him off balance. 



His personality is pretty apparent throughout this bio. He is a show off and a bully who cares too much about what people think about him. All this and his gang affiliation drives a lot of people away. And while he loves a good laugh and makes for a great drinking buddy, few people outside of his enforcers ever see that side of him. Combined, all of this has earned him a great deal of loyalty and respect with his men though, seeing how most of them are thugs and bullies themselves.


Come to me, Stendarr, for without you, I might be deaf to the manswarm murmurings of thy people, and forgetting their need for comfort and wisdom, I might indulge myself in vain scribblings.
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