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re: Mercator Twins(Xivilli's Characters)


Name: Mortimer Mercator 

Age: 35

Race: Imperial

Personality: As a former soldier of the Legion, he values discipline, honor, and keeping the peace. Mortimer is a hard man, always gets the job done, and merciless in battle. However, he has a soft spot for children and cats, and since leaving the Legion, has taken work as a freelance merc in Elsweyr by becoming a guard. Another weakness of his is Mia, his twin sister, who always seems to get into trouble. Though he is the younger, he has taken it to himself to watch out for her. 

Appearance: He possess a horrible scar he sustained in the Legion, a burn that covers his left cheek, mutilated his ear, half of his eyebrow, neck, and covers the left side of his body to his left thigh. Other than this notable feature, he is tan like most Imperials, has a military haircut and clean face, with an eye-patch over his left eye. Wears heavy armor that was custom made for him after he left the military, and uses a sword and shield. 


Name: Mia Mercator

Age: 35

Race: Imperial

Personality: Having studied in the Mage's Guild for years, she is a brilliant spellcaster with a knack for ice and Illusion magic. She has been jailed many times over the years for many things, from theft to racketeering, assault to attempted bribery, the list goes on. While she loves her brother, Mortimer, she never turns down the chance to make a profit. Most of the time, it's her brother that bails her out of prison, and which is partly why they came to Elsweyr, for a fresh start, but being in the land of thieves, it's only worsened her behavior. 

Appearance: With a body to die for and tempting attire, she makes use of her body to aid her in fulfilling her desires. A cleavage bearing tan robe, silky black hair pulled back, and a staff made of Elm wood, she seems harmless to most, but many have learned that she is dangerous. Tan skin like her brothers with beauty for both of them, Mia always turns a few heads. She only uses a destro staff.

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