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re: Avrimi Andrethi


Avrimi Andrethi



Age & Birthsign:

Born: 3E 5

Avrimi was born under the Serpent but during Mid Year.  Her parents Alandauron and Iniana Andrethi paid no mind to the birthsign and just enjoyed the blessing that was their child.  Iniana had a wonderful childhood up until her parents were murdered, she has believed herself cursed ever since.



Eyes: Olive Green

Skin Tone: Golden Brown

Hair Color: Auburn

Avrimi is built more like an Orsimer than a Bosmer, she has powerful muscles that are visible at all times and is rather tall for a Bosmer.  Though tall for a Bosmer she is considered short by non-mer races.  She was raised by a Dunmer who thought himself Dwemer, Tonal Ailean, who made a couple of minor modifications to her in order to increase her strength.  Though you can’t tell her knee joints are enhanced by Dwemer machinery allowing her to push her strength even further, she also has a set of arm braces Tonal fashioned specifically for her that provide a defensive advantage without adding much extra weight.


Avrimi keeps her hair short due to her experiences with Tonal where he would constantly grab her hair to show her how it was a weakness.  She has several visible scars on her arms and legs but her face remains clear of them.  Even with her scars she takes care of herself, her skin is smooth, and her body clean.



  • Strength: Avrimi is very strong, not just for a Bosmer but in general.  She can match the strength of many Nords and Orsimer.
  • Sword And Shield Prowess: Avrimi received formal training from Tonal and others in combat with weaponry.  Though still young she has mostly mastered the use of sword and shield.
  • Swiftness: Avrimi has a fairly stocky build, but in her training she maintained her speed.  Her speed only comes in small bursts, but she has trained to make good use of her temporary swiftness.
  • Focus: Once set to a purpose Avrimi is not easily distracted, she remains focused on the objective until she achieves it.






  • Agility: Plain and simple, she doesn’t have it, she is not very flexible nor can she last for extremely prolonged fights.
  • Stealth: Though she wishes to be a thief, Avrimi’s training with Tonal has all but made that hope impossible for her.
  • Confidence: Avrimi thinks very highly of herself, usually this is justified, but even when she’s attempting something new she automatically assumes she is capable.
  • Attitude: Avrimi believes herself capable of anything which leads her to overstep boundaries.  She approaches people with an attitude that they should respect her and obey her no matter what, this leads to problems in most cases.




Combat Style:

Having been trained by one that most considered crazy Avrimi picked up on much of that.  She approaches a fight as if she has already won it.  She was trained in heavy armor and heavy weapons, but chooses to wear medium armor and utilize a shield to compensate for defense.

She prefers to fight her opponents head on, taking the very best they can offer so when she beats them she knows it was at their best.  She uses a blitz type strategy in which she goes on the offensive for short bursts then falls back to a defensive state to regain her energy and wear out her opponent.  The strategy works great against opponents that have a weaker defense or are in heavier armors and move slower, but only in the short run.  If a battle lasts too long the strategy quickly wears out Avrimi.



Avrimi led a somewhat privileged childhood for her earlier years.  She lived with her parents in Kragenmoor and knew nothing except joy and happiness.  All of that changed when she was nine years old.

Both Avrimi’s parents were brutally murdered by a vampire named Volrina, Avrimi had to watch both her parents die during the ordeal and was changed forever.  After a few short weeks of living with family friends in Kragenmoor, Tonal Ailean returned looking for Avrimi’s father.  When he found out what had happened and that Avrimi had been left with no parents he adopted her.  The other family friends didn’t want to allow it, but Avrimi snuck away the day Tonal was leaving and never looked back.

While living with Tonal she was trained vigorously in combat as well as some science as Tonal had often referred to it.  She became a decent alchemist and a great warrior, preferring the use of sword and shield over everything else she was taught.  As a backup she carries a set of daggers that Tonal gave her, Tonal had claimed they belonged to her mother Iniana.  She keeps her father’s weapons with her at all times, Tonal had gone back to Kragenmoor a couple of times to retrieve her parents’ items.  She alternates between using Fury and Vanni depending merely on mood.  Her father’s bow she never uses but keeps in a chest that travels everywhere with her.

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