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re: Iniana Nightrun(Andrethi)


Iniana Nightrun(Andrethi)



Age & Birthsign:

At the point of the beginning of ESO, 34

Born under the Lady, Iniana is both kind and passionate.  She has a tendency to always reflect a happy and energetic persona and rarely loses that persona.

Iniana is brash and emotional but normally retains her happy persona, even when in combat she is completely calm and happy.



Eyes: Olive Green

Skin Tone: Golden Brown

Hair Color: Auburn

Iniana has a typical Bosmer build, she is just above average height, still relatively small compared to other races, and has an athletic build, when she moves you can see the outline of her muscles but otherwise her body looks smooth.  Iniana’s hair comes down to the center of her back, she normally lets it hang but will often braid it or tie it up before a fight or battle.  She carries a few scars, but most of them are covered by armor, clothing, or her hair.  Only one of her scars is left visible most of the time, a scar on her left leg that she was given in her first battle while following the dreaded General Aicanlo.



  • Speed: Iniana is very fast, she uses her speed to overcome obstacles and enemies that most would struggle when faced against.
  • Flexibility: Iniana has spent many years working on being nimble, she can contort her body in many different ways which helps her in combat as well as with her other unique skills.
  • Stealth: She grew up as a thief, one thing that she had to rely on was her ability to go unseen.  In order to further increase her stealth Iniana focuses on illusion and mysticism magicks.
  • Dual Sword Skill: Though Iniana was trained by Katriel, who uses mainly daggers as weapons, she decided to try out using short swords and ended up preferring them over daggers.  After Katriel left Iniana began training relentlessly in order to protect the Khajiiti cubs that would no longer benefit from Katriel’s protection.






  • Focus: Though a talented warrior Iniana is easily distracted, if she gets sidetracked she has a tendency to completely ignore everything going on around her.
  • Toughness: Iniana is no weakling, but her set of skills has taught her to avoid detection and being struck.  Due to her preferred method of fighting she tries to dodge and avoid being hit, if she is hit the pain and surprise overwhelms her.
  • Emotional: Iniana is ruled by her emotions, more than she should be, when faced with something that is close to her heart she will act recklessly to try and protect it.




Combat Style:

She was trained originally by Katriel to be a thief and use her stealth and speed to her advantage.  After Katriel left she stayed true to that training but expanded on it a bit due to being forced to protect her Khajiit family.  She is effective with a bow, but not the most advanced with one, her preference is dual short swords with which she is extremely deadly.


Iniana uses speed and hit and run tactics, she attacks exposed weaknesses and never tries to attack anyone head on.  Misdirection and Illusion magick helps her keep opponents off balance so she doesn’t have to face them head on.



Iniana grew up with a band of Khajiit, she was taken in after being found abandoned by her parents.  While with the Khajiit band she became attached to a Dunmer that lived with them and trained them to take care of themselves.  Iniana desired to become like the Dunmer female, Katriel Gilvanni, and eventually protect and train the band of Khajiit the way Katriel did.  Eventually Katriel left the band without letting anyone know why, Iniana as well as the majority of the cubs became depressed due to the loss.


After Katriel’s departure the band started struggling to survive, Iniana stepped up along with a couple of the older Khajiit cubs.  They used the other skills Katriel had taught them in order to steal what they needed to survive, when they got into trouble Iniana took it upon herself to take the attention away from the band.  She was forced to disappear for short periods of time until those looking for her gave up the search.


When the Alliance War started the Aldmeri Dominion formed and started looking for soldiers, the Khajiit band tried to stay out of the war but eventually most were dragged in by a temporary draft that had been put in place.  After several of the Khajiit cubs were drafted Iniana joined up thinking she could find them and protect them.  She got so caught up in the glory of battle and consuming of her defeated enemies that she forgot all about her original reason for enlisting.

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