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re: Khadrul gro-Tarnuk


Khadrul gro-Tarnuk



Age & Birthsign:

At the point of the beginning of ESO, 56 years old

Born under the Lord, Khadrul is a healthy and strong specimen, a perfect example of Orsimer prowess.

Khadrul is extremely intelligent, but not the most observant of current events.  He focuses on the big picture often overlooking minor details in the process which he sees as unimportant.  His most notable quote he spoke one night while overlooking a brawl going on around him:

"Tomorrow brings hope.  The closer I come to it the closer I am to power."

Immediately after he was knocked out cold by a fist he never saw coming. 



Eyes: Olive Green

Skin Tone: Dark Green

Hair Color: Brunette

Though Khadrul is very wide and stocky he is short for an Orsimer.  His height caused him many problems after leaving his stronghold which forced him to become even stronger.  He is very muscular, but still maintains enough mobility and flexibility to keep him from being too slow.

Khadrul’s skin and features are rough which reflects how life has treated him.  As a warrior and a Blacksmith his body has taken much punishment over the years, he takes pride in his scars and does not use a healer unless absolutely necessary.



  • Knowledge: Khadrul studied much over his years and considers himself intelligent.  He tries to focus on the big picture and plan for the future.
  • Strength: Khadrul is strong from years of hard work and struggle.  While with his Orsimer Stronghold he was trained to be a warrior.
  • Toughness: Khadrul has faced much ridicule and abuse over the years, this led to him becoming tough, even by Orsimer standards.
  • Weapon Skill: After leaving his Stronghold Khadrul learned that he needed to find a trade to survive.  He remembered watching his mother work a smith and decided to start there.  He used his background as a warrior to his benefit and tests each weapon he makes before selling it to his potential buyers.



  • Awareness: Khadrul, though rather intelligent, is not the most observant individual, he often overlooks minor details that he considers unimportant.
  • Speed: Due to his broad frame Khadrul is unable to move with great speed.  Though he is not too large to be effective in combat, he is not built to move quickly.  When faced with the choice fight or flight, for him there is no choice, he must fight.
  • Stealth: Khadrul never considered the option of stealth, he was raised among Orsimer where pride and strength were the most important traits.  Khadrul couldn’t sneak past someone both blind and deaf.
  • Kindness: Khadrul is a kind soul.  Despite his history he chooses to give individuals the benefit of the doubt and often trusts when he should not.  In his line of work this does not always work out for the best.


Combat Style:

Thanks to his time with his Orsimer family, Khadrul is well versed in combat.  He was trained in all types of melee weaponry and practices with them daily in his forge.  His preferred style is sometimes referred to as “berserker” in which he focuses on a constant attack often ignoring defending against any attacks directed at him.  The fighting style is risky and leaves him wide open to attack, but usually puts the opponent on the defensive effectively allowing him to control the fight.



Khadrul was born as a favorite of the chieftan in his stronghold.  His mother was a great smith and the chieftan favored her, due to this Khadrul had been allowed privileges that the others had not.  His life was one of comfort, at least for an Orc, he fought and trained everyday but after the day was done he was tended to at all times and treated to feasts each evening.  It was more than any Orsimer could hope for.

The day that all changed he swore vengeance against those responsible.  It happened in the night, a pack of wild werewolves descended on their stronghold, the Orsimer warriors fought bravely and killed every last one of the wild beasts.  After things settled down Khadrul found his mother, she had been torn to shreds by the beasts.

Overnight his status and favor disappeared, he was thrown from the main hall to live with all the others and earn his keep within the stronghold.  With all the werebeasts dead Khadrul's only outlet of hate was toward the beasts themselves.  He grew to hate every last werebeast no matter the being behind them, once turned they were only beasts to him.

Eventually Khadrul chose to leave the stronghold, as long as he remained there he was nothing more than an Orc serving his chieftan, he needed to carve his own path.

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