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re: A Twisted Fate: Eloitia's Introduction (Very Mature Content)


This is the introduction to my newest character.  With this one I decided to try something different, as such the following is mature in theme and contains graphic and sexually explicit content.  Only read the following if you are comfortable with such content.

Once again, the content is very mature in nature.  The following contains:

  • Graphic Violence
  • Graphic Rape
  • Sexual Themes

Her vision returned slowly, but only in one of her eyes, the other was swollen shut.  Through blurry vision she looked around the room, it was a disaster, testament to what had happened during the night.  She was sore all over, her jaw swollen, arms bruised, legs battered.  Her entire body told the story of the events she had experienced at the hands of those men.

Her vision slowly began to clear, grogginess and exhaustion wearing off ever so slightly.  She could see the 3 men that she had shared the events with, they were scattered around the room.  One of them on the floor, one on the bed, the last propped up against the wall.  The memories began to return, slowly at first, then all at once.  It was painful even to remember…



Eloitia Senduri walked slowly along the long, dark dirt road.  She looked quickly one way then the other, it was night and she was a long way from her destination.  The road used to be peaceful and well-defended, but with the war many of the guards had enlisted to help out in the effort, this left many areas less secure than they had once been.

Eloitia was a Redguard of exceptional build, many men had approached her in the hopes of being the one she chose to settle into a life with.  Many more men and women had propositioned her for a bit of enjoyment, she was very aware of her own appeal, but tonight she worried that it would work against her.  She was of average height, for a Redguard woman, with powerful yet beautiful legs that she took pride in keeping smooth and sleek.  Her dainty hands and small, delicate feet betrayed her softer side showing that she was a true lady.  Her face was smooth and undamaged, lips full, eyes large and beautiful.  On her forehead she wore a simple yet elegant tiara that had been given to her by her grandmother shortly before passing.  Her hair she kept short, but very well-tended, it reflected her elegance and shined even in the dimmest of lighting.  Eloitia was truly a beauty to behold, but that’s what worried her tonight.

As she moved along the road she thought she heard movement, she listened intently and began to hasten her steps.  She was still a very long way from her destination; hopefully she would run into help getting there soon.  As she continued a man stepped out in front of her, she froze in place, terror in her eyes.  As she looked him over she realized that she recognized him, he had been at the inn earlier in the day.

“Hello there sir, I recognize you.  Do you think you can help me get back to town?”

Her voice was very quiet and weak, almost frail sounding.  He didn’t respond right away so she decided to try again.

“Hello sirggghhh…”

The man leapt forward and grabbed her by the throat; she realized immediately that she would receive no help from him.  She mustered her strength and kicked, aiming at the gap between his legs.  To her satisfaction she felt her foot sink into his genitals and felt the grip around her neck release.  She stumbled backward gasping for air and began looking around for something she could use as a weapon.  Adrenaline kicking in she turned to look some more and before she could gather herself was looking straight into an oncoming fist.  The blow took her off her feet and caused her to tumble backward landing her flat on her back.

As she impacted the ground she felt a boot on her throat and another on her left wrist.  She flailed wildly with her right fist hitting the leg pressing down on her throat repeatedly, the attempt was nothing short of futile and she heard a throaty laugh coming from the man standing over her.

“Enough fooling around, tie her up and put her on the horse.  The real fun starts when we get off this road and back to the inn.”

She struggled and squirmed and tried to get away to no avail.  The 3 men overpowered her and before long she had been tied up and secured on the back of a horse, ready to be taken wherever they wanted her…



Eloitia quietly stumbled to her feet, the mess in the room left many obstacles that would surely make a racket.  She looked around, assessing the damage done and her options, the 3 men remained motionless as she strained her eye to make out the entryway.  The events of the night still pouring into her mind, visions of the brutality and torment, she was unable to block anything out.

Eloitia quietly got to her feet and began making her way to the exit…



The ride was long and rough, her chest was on fire as the horse finally came to a stop.  The road had been dark, but now they were in town, she could see lights off in the distance.  As she began to hear voices she tried calling out, the gag over her mouth all but muting her voice.  There was a sudden flash of pain across her back as one of the men jammed his elbow downward and into her spine.  The pain was intense and she felt a tear fall from her eye.

She didn’t try calling out again and just gave in to the fact that no one would hear her anyway.  The men grabbed her and carried her into a large building, once inside they tossed her into a small room and closed the door behind her.

She wasn’t sure what was coming next, but didn’t imagine it would be pleasant.  As she laid in the room tied up the minutes felt like an eternity, she wasn’t sure how long had passed when the door slowly creaked open.  The site before her brought tears to her eyes, all 3 of the men stood before her stark naked, their genitals hanging limply between their legs.

One of the men grabbed himself as soon as he saw her and began stroking himself while eyeing her hungrily.  The man in the back shoved the other 2 aside and began coming for her.

“Ye boys know I git firs go!”

He brandished a knife and watched for a few seconds before bending over and cutting the ropes holding her.  After a few quick cuts he tossed the knife off to the side of the room and yanked the gag from Eloitia’s mouth.  One of the other men brought in an oil lamp and sat it on a small table in the corner of the room, the light showing off their features in more detail.  The men looked to be 2 Nords and an Imperial, one of the Nords was the one standing over her.  He was the largest of them, both in body size as well as his equipment.  The Imperial had the nicest features and seemed more controlled than the other 2 men, he had calmly placed the lamp on the table and was patiently leaning up against a wall while he allowed their leader to take his turn.

“Well now, don’ we ‘ave a perty one ere!  Wuts yer name sweetie!”

The enormous Nord smiled, baring all his teeth.  There were 3 gaps, given the disgusting discoloration Eloitia couldn’t tell whether it was from having them knocked out or from them just falling out.  She quivered from under him, once again showing fear in her eyes.

“I’m Eloitia, sir…plea…please let me go.  I won’t…”

Her words were interrupted as the Nord swung a backhand across Eloitia’s face, spinning her around on the floor.  The moment she was face down he pressed her face to the ground and grabbed hold of her top.  With relative ease he tore the clothing from her body, pain shooting through her briefly before the clothes gave way to his strength.  He grabbed her by the hair and lifted her from the ground, Eloitia dangled inches off the ground, held up only by her hair.

The Nord drooled as he eyed her up and down, her breasts were exquisite, perfectly round, nipples covering a proportionate amount of them.  Though her left breast was slightly larger than the other the men probably couldn’t tell, they were so close to the same size and the men were drunk and stimulated.  As the Nord held her by her hair a squeal escaped her lips from the pain she felt in her head.

“I think she likes it boys!”

The Nord tossed her across the room; Eloitia impacted the floor and bounced twice before skidding to a stop.  The Nord continued to smile his gapped-tooth smile as he walked slowly towards her.

“Now listen up bitch!  Don’ fight us an’ we’ll only hurt ye a little!  Fight us an’ we’ll hurt ye a lot!”

Eloitia scooted along the ground, away from the Nord, she looked to the other 2 men and noticed that their shafts were no longer dangling and were awaiting…her.  She continued to scoot backward along the ground as the Nord drew ever closer, her breathing frantic, her heart racing.  As he got to her she kicked out at him…


As Eloitia slowly walked toward the door she looked once again toward the men, they all remained completely devoid of clothing.  They remained motionless as she quietly continued moving, stumbling a couple of times from her exhaustion and a couple times over the obstacles in her pathway out.  About halfway to the door she lost her footing and came crashing down to her knees, knocking over a few objects during her fall.

As Eloitia impacted she cringed, quickly she looked around the room as the objects crashed loudly to the floor…



Eloitia’s kick was caught in the Nord’s large mits.  He gripped her ankle and launched her across the room once again, this time directly into the waiting arms of the Imperial.

“Hold ‘er!”

The other two men each took an arm and held them outstretched while their leader approached.  He spat into her face and reared back his fist, before she could say anything he punched straight into her gut knocking all the wind from her lungs.  The two men released her arms and let Eloitia hunch over.

Eloitia’s mouth was wide open as she gasped for air, suddenly he had hold of her hair and yanked her about before forcibly shoving his cock into her mouth.  She gagged and flailed, punched and squirmed, but the Nord forced himself in and out of her mouth.  Just when she thought she would pass out from lack of air he pulled himself out.  The relief was brief as his fist connected with her face and then her face connected with the ground.  Dizziness took her, she struggled to move around, unsure of how things were going to go from there.  After a moment of nothing she heard his voice once again.

“I warned ye bitch!  Now we git to ‘ave some real fun with ye!”

“Rollf!  I want to have a go!”

“Shut up boy, you’ll git yer turn!”

Rollf grabbed her by the hair once again, but instead of his shaft down her throat Elotia’s face was smashed into a wall.  He repeated the process 2 more times and her body began to fall limp.  As she began to collapse she felt spit on her backside, then she was flipped to her back and she felt spit again, this time in between her legs.  Through blurry vision she could see Rollf  standing over her stroking himself, behind him she saw the other 2, the Imperial still relaxed against the wall and the other Nord angrily glaring at Rollf.

As Rollf bent over he spit once again between her legs and jammed his fingers into her she slapped him across the face with her left hand and dug her finger nails into his neck with her right.  Rollf responded by punching her in her left breast, once again driving the air from her lungs.  She coughed and gasped trying to regain her breath as he forced his cock inside her once again, this time in between her legs.

She fought and struggled against him, but with no luck, he overpowered her and thrust himself in and out for what seemed like an eternity.  She grew tired and stopped struggling as much, after a few minutes Rollf stopped, lifted her by the hair and punched her hard in the gut.  Her mouth flew open as she struggled for air and was met with his shaft; he thrust a couple more times before finishing inside her mouth.  His juices flowed from both sides of her mouth as she gagged and choked on it, all of it spilling out.

After Rollf was finished the other two greedily grabbed at her.  During the next hour the two of them forced themselves into every one of her holes; they beat and defiled her, abused and tortured her.  She struggled the whole time, only stopping when she had no more energy to resist, then starting again when she had enough to fight back.  When the 2 were finally finished with her they beat her relentlessly for several minutes until she stopped moving.  Eloitia lay beaten and broken on the ground, not moving.



A smile crept across Eloitia’s face as she began thinking back to the events once again.  The poor fools had no idea what they were getting themselves into.  She stood once again and looked through her one eye toward Rollf, the blood on his neck had dried up hours before.  She looked to the other Nord, both his eyes were missing from their sockets and his tongue had been ripped out.  Finally she looked over to the Imperial, from him she had taken a trophy, she looked between his legs at her handiwork.

As she thought back, going over the events she remembered back to the road, the fake fear she had expressed.  Eloitia was on that road for a reason, she had been looking for those men, she knew they wouldn’t pass up an opportunity like this.  These poor men had no clue that the destination she was seeking was their room, their sanctuary; they had no clue what they were getting themselves into.

They had warned her that struggling would make things worse for her, what they didn’t know is that it was exactly what she wanted.  Eloitia knew she was crazy, but she couldn’t deny herself the satisfaction that a night like the one before gave her.  She had a sick fetish, but she never felt more alive than when she was so close to death.


Eloitia could have killed the men at any time, but she didn’t want to miss out on all the fun.  She stumbled the rest of the way out of the room, a smile across her face the entire time.  As she walked out the door a twinge of sadness caught her, it would be awhile before she found men as vile and disgusting as this again.

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