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re: Zenotha Mothwatch - The Altmer's Burden


(I wanted to give a backstory to my AD character. She's nice, just racist as all hell. I focused on trying to make her mentality as close to the "White Man's Burden" as possible while retaining the fact that she isn't hostile)


400 years old by the events of ESO - born in 2E 182. Deep green eyes, bronzed yellow skintone, a characteristically long chin and tall height, golden square earrings. Though mature in age, a life of leisure has kept her looking young, and the centuries of occasional fasting have kept her weight moderate.


Zenotha has gilded tattoos on her small arms and large hands (for those proportions). She takes good care of her tied, multi-curled, brunette hair but does not use makeup, seeing her wrinkles of age as a sign of experience. Whatever clothing she wears, she prefers it in the traditional Thalmor colors - black with gold trim.


An elven supremacist, but not stereotypically narcissistic, Zenotha cares for other races like a teacher would her students.


Zenotha sees the Altmer predisposition to magic as a sign of divine favor, and that the Bretons are proof-positive that this favor can be spread to others, albeit diminished. It is for this reason she sees Bretons as relatives (just as much as Bosmer and Dunmer, even Orcs) and that the Dominion is the greatest candidate to bring peace to Tamriel.


"Just because we are superior does not mean the other races cannot join us at the top."


"The Aldmeri Dominion has the benefit of dozens of human lifetimes. A citizen who does not want the experienced to lead them wants self-destruction."


“I grew up while the Mages Guild, proof-positive of the burden the Altmer carry, was born and flourished. The Aldmeri Dominion can shoulder that burden, and it will lead to the greater good of all races. The Khajiit have certainly prospered.”


She conversely has little respect for authority and acts childish - by Altmer standards - frequently (though this could just be her acting 100 years younger, considering she's been out of social circles for that long). Zenotha spent the last century meditating alone, and not only is unaware of current events, but also socially aloof from being away from anyone else in so long. In her meditations, she focused on the concept of magic and the altmers' place in the universe. Her conclusions were; that magic is to be respected and knowledge be hard-earned and treated well, and that the Altmer - predisposed as they were to this knowledge - have a responsibility to keep this power from lesser minds and instead guide them to the answers themselves.





Strengths - pure mage, focused, kind, wisdom of age

Weaknesses - PURE mage, childish, racist


Appearance - mature, but not old. Wide hips tempered by thin limbs. She has large hands for her proportions, but they have dextrous fingers for spellcasting. Clothes are light armor in Black with gold trim.


Personality - caring racial supremacist - sees herself as a teacher for other races.

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