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re: Zeno Flonius - Crusader's Mark


The idea behind this was to justify Dens-Rima's somewhat... extreme... ideology. Story coming up soon with how exactly he connects with Dens, but this is a general introduction to the character - the equal and opposite force for Dens-Rima.

Crusader’s Log

Fiend Report - Zeno Florius

Race: Vampire, Imperial

Affiliation: Cyrodiil Vampyrum Order

Flaws; Overconfident, Ward, Permanent Wound

Merits; Focused, Favourite of the C. Vampyrum, Magnetic Personality



The Imperial Province has been full of strife after the fall of our old Emperor, it pains me to see my homeland in such disarray and chaos, but there is one constant that remains - this Fiend. Of all the things Cyrodiil has lost, she keeps the worst of her repertoire.

The Cyrodiil Vampyrum is one of the strongest bloodlines in Cyrodiil, with ambitions to oust all other competition from Tamriel to keep Cyrodiil in their grasp. Others have chronicled them and their purpose, so I will not do so here. However, the key trait nearly all of their member have is that of arrogance. Most are of Cyrodiilic descent, but they wield arrogance like the Altmer. His sense of Entitlement as a high-ranking (long living) member of C. Vampyrum is tempered by his singular focus, something I can admire relate to, that allows him to succeed when the odds should demand he fail.

He has managed to stave off the final death with his pure magnetism - for those ignorant of his true intentions, he is bold but clear-headed, separate but understanding, handsome but not seductive. To the other fiends, he is a role model - a creature that seems truly alive when all life has left his dessicated corpse - one who teaches the ways to blend in with the innocent, regardless of their intent, and protect themselves from Hunters like me. Because of his charity and status, the rest of the clan honor him, and the rival groups give him a wide berth.

Throughout our mutual stalking of each other, I have found but two weaknesses the wary hunter should may exploit. Firstly, his awakening as a servant of Molag Bal left his with a foul scar - a mark of  Bal’s domination over a once faithful mortal. This wound looks mortal, seeping death at all times, and when struck, incapacitates him for some time with great pain - presumably, this wound causes pain at all times. Secondly, he has only one emotional weakness - a Ward. This girl, young but wise for her years, believes that there is mutual affection between them, though I do not see how this is entirely possible from the point of Zeno’s status as a follower of the Prince of Plots. The only thing Zeno loves is himself and his power, illustrated by his drive to remain a vampire and Daedra worshipper. However, he acts out - revealing himself when logically he should hide - when he perceives her to be in danger. It is not known yet what his plans are for her, but I fear the worst; Daughters of Coldharbour become sadly more frequent as the days turn.

As a matter of personal character, Flonius has shown utmost disregard for the laws and rights of men, mer, and beast. He kills easily, without remorse. He does so with precision and impunity. Of his devotees, he tolerates only success, destroying those he deems unworthy of their Clan’s success, an effort he claims “to keep the blood thick.”

But this girl... I pray for her safety and my understanding of the Fiend’s motives.



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Walk in the light of the Divines.


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