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re: Hlaalu Trading Post


Good news everyone!

Great House Hlaalu has now set up a market place for your wares!

Myself and our economy Councilor Falauren have set up a guild named "Hlaalu Trading Post" which you should all be receiving an invite too shortly. If you are already in 5 guilds and would like to be a part of this one, you will need to make space.

Membership in this second guild is not required for members of Great House Hlaalu proper. However, you do get some...


1. A place to reliably sell your wares, much better than spamming zone chat (you can sell while sleeping.)

2. A place to buy wares being sold by many people. All Customers (non GHH members of this guild) will have authority to sell. 

3. An extra bank. We're going to be transitioning the Trading Post into our crafting bank and using the GHH bank mostly for finished products and (when we start raiding) for siege equipment and soul gems for PvP. The GHH bank will be for food, gear, potions, siege, that you are donating to the guild. The Trading Post bank will be for crafting mats. If we find that the GHH bank has extra room, we can put limited crafting mats in there as well.

What We'd Like You to Do:

First, tell your friends. And random people you meet on the street. Hell, tell your parents. We want to get to 500 members as quickly as possible to give ourselves a market. After the fact, we'll be kicking out very inactive members to make room for Customers who are trading more. To get people in, I will be making posts all over the internet. What you can do is tell people about it in zone chat and other guilds. All of you will have invite power. 

Second, bother a Councilor if you want an invite but haven't received one. Send any of them a whisper in game or ask in TeamSpeak if you need an invite. We want you to be able to reap the benefits of this guild. 

Third, sell your wares. The success of this venture is dependent on the quality of our goods.

Fourth, profit. This is a good way to bank roll our PvP efforts.

That's pretty much it! Let me know if there are any questions!

Grasp fortune by the forelocks. When you see your chances, seize them. When you see a chance to turn a profit, take it. But do not follow money blindly. There is value in reputation, more than many young Hlaalu realize. This value must be carefully balanced against the more tangible coins in any deal. Theft and murder are bad for business. You can steal from someone, but will he trade with you after that? You can’t bargain with a dead man. There are many ways to do business.– GRASPING FORTUNE
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