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re: Journal of Elriin Nightfreeze

Morndas, 7th of First Seed, 2E 546:
I have been traveling for several days now. The land is cold and cruel here in Skyrim, you would think I would be accustomed to it over the many years I have lived here but I am not. I came upon a forested area and found a clearing where I will be making camp for the night, the trees give me at least some comfort.

Middas, 9th of First Seed, 2E 546:
I’m leaving this awful land, not sure why I never tried to before but I grow tired of the weather as well as my own kin. Nords see themselves as so noble and yet all I have seen them do is fight and bully, they are no different than the mer they call arrogant. I have decided to spend a few days among the trees, the frosty lands of Skyrim don’t hold many areas like this where there is an abundance of trees. The trees are nothing like those of my homeland but are a welcome relief that I will enjoy, at least for a time.

I thought I saw something earlier today, something huge and furry. It was only for a moment and it could have just been my imagination, either way I will keep a lookout in case there is something out here besides myself and the less hostile beasts.

Turdas, 10th of First Seed, 2E 546:
I saw it again, this time I also saw its eyes. They were dark and menacing and within them was nothing but hunger, I think I managed to get away without it noticing me. I fear what would happen should I end up face to face with such a beast, the result would be…painful. I will set out tomorrow to get as far from this place as I possibly can.

Sundas, 13th of First Seed, 2E 546:
That thing followed me for 2 days before deciding to seek different prey. What kind of beast goes that far outside of its hunting area? I saw it 3 other times but haven’t seen it in over a day now, it looked like a wolf only bigger…much bigger. I am so grateful that it finally decided to leave me be, I have never been so afraid for my life.

I have no idea of where I am now, A few days ago I was just North of Riften but while trying to get away from that beast I lost track of where I was going. Every time I tried to head toward a settlement I saw that beast and immediately started running in the opposite direction. I will set out tomorrow to see if I can find a nearby village or something to restock my supplies and get a good night’s rest.

Tirdas, 15th of First Seed, 2E 546:
I ran into it again…or rather them, there were 2 of the beasts this time. I had seen signs of a fire and started heading in that direction when I spotted one of them, I immediately hid behind some brush. While I was waiting there another came and joined it, they seemed to talk. After they headed off I ran in the opposite direction which was away from the fire, unfortunately. Could it be that these are…no they couldn’t be, that is just legends…right?

Loredas, 19th of First Seed, 2E 546:
They are werewolves, I know that now! I saw one of them walking on just its hind quarters; no ordinary wolf could have done that. There are only 2 of them, but it would only take one of them to put a swift end to me, I’m so scared right now. I managed to find a small shack that I am using to try and stay warm, after killing the deer today I am able to use its fur to wrap up in but that did little against the weather. I was lucky to stumble upon this place out here.

I just heard something outside…

…Its them out there, I know it! They have been herding me, I just realized it. Every time I was heading in the direction of some place safe they appeared and forced me to go the other way. It’s too late now though, I am at least a day’s ride from the nearest village and I don’t even have a horse. I am at the mercy of these beasts.

Morndas, 21st of First Seed, 2E 546:
I remain in the relative safety of this hut; I don’t know how long I will be able to last here though. The food from the deer is almost gone and I have been out of water for a day now. I’m terrified of what is to come, the only thing that keeps me focused is writing in this journal. Hopefully I can survive this somehow…

There’s scratching on the walls…

Tirdas, 22nd of First Seed AM, 2E 546:
Normally I only write in this at night but since I am unable to leave and need something to do…

They are tormenting me, every so often they…those beasts come close enough to where I can hear them or they scratch on the walls of this place…there they are again.

Tirdas, 22nd of First Seed PM, 2E 546:
One of them tried to come in, it tore a hole in the wall with one swing! This place will provide me no protection I can see, I have started a small fire as I see no point in acting like I’m not here. When they come for me I might as well be warm.

They are both here…

Turdas, 23rd of First Seed, 2E 546:
There was another there when they attacked. Not a beast, another mer, he was in a tree not far from the hut and was using a bow. The beasts had come for me…they were ferocious…then he saved me, he took their attention away from me and I ran. I didn’t look back, they probably tore him to pieces…

Fredas, 24th of First Seed, 2E 546:
I somehow convinced myself to go back there, I’m not sure what came over me. It was amazing, those beasts were nowhere to be found. There were 2 bodies there, 2 Nords. They were dead but had been shot with arrows so it must not have been the beasts that got to them…or could it have been the beasts…

There was no sign of the mer I had seen, the one that was in the tree. I guess the only explanation is that all the legends are true and these werewolves are not always in that form. Those 2 Nords must have been the beasts and that mer managed to kill them both. I wish I could thank him.

Loredas, 25th of First Seed, 2E 546:
He has come for me. I thought he was coming to see if I was alright, no. He shot me with an arrow, I barely managed to escape with my life. What does he want? Why…

I just saw him…

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