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About Great House Hlaalu
A Bit of History:

Great House Hlaalu (GHH) was founded primarily as a PvP guild back in early ESO beta. The guild was formed on November 5th, 2012 and our first time in-game was September 2013. Many of our members were lucky enough part of the "Psijic Order" ongoing closed Beta test and provided feedback and bug testing throughout the development of the game. During this time and after launch, GHH was one of the premier PvP guilds in the Elder Scrolls Online. We achieved world's first EP Emperor and that would prove to be the first of many GHH Emperors.

As tends to happen in MMOs, some new people joined, some old people left, and the guild mission has changed a bit. We now hope to be a comprehensive community for our members that fulfill all of their guild needs in ESO. Recently, the guild has been limited to a small, close group of friends. However, we are now seeking to grow again and are in search of dedicated, respectful, and mature members. Whether your interest is in trade, the Alliance War, group pledges, Trials, the Imperial City, or just finding a fun and helpful community, we hope you'll check us out.


The guild is inspired by one of the Great Houses of Morrowind. Since the Houses are not joinable factions in-game, player guilds are the only option for fans of TES: III Morrowind and others wanting to join a Great House.

We are a US based guild but welcome all international English speaking players on the NA server.

We accept all races and classes, in keeping with the open-minded nature of Great House Hlaalu (though we cannot prevent our members from calling you an N'wah).

What We Offer:

1. A Competitive Yet Friendly PvP Experience: GHH is made up of many talented and competitive gamers. I myself prefer fighting other players over fighting NPCs any day. Our officers have extensive experience in MMO PvP like Guild Wars 2, Star Wars the Old Republic, World of Warcraft, Dark Age of Camelot, and much more. Many of us have competitive experience across several genres of gaming. There is no challenge like fighting another thinking human being and PvP in ESO is something special. For me at least, Cyrodiil is the cornerstone of this game and the first meaningful large scale persistent war since Dark Age Of Camelot.

However, we are also a social community and people with real lives: there are no participation quotas; you'll never be made to feel bad for not knowing something; any of us quite enjoy teaching new players the ropes. We are friends first and foremost and we do not believe in shaming failure, forcing builds on people, or any other of the shenanigans you may have seen in "hardcore" competitive guilds over the years. We enforce a code of conduct among all members that basically boils down to: be nice.

The current plan is to run events at least every Friday night and ad-hoc throughout the week. If we get members interested in running groups of their own, we'd love to expand to nightly or even more frequent guild events.

2. All types of PvE groups. From pledges to trials, to just helping each other with quests and world content, GHH members love to group. Ask in chat and you'll find ready participants. As the community grows again, we'd like to participate competitively in progressive content.

3. A Tight Nit and Helpful Gaming Community: The best guilds become almost like a family. The social aspect can make or break an MMO. We have experienced guild leaders here to make sure that our community is a strong one and that this can be a place where you are comfortable to ask questions, look for help, and, above all, build friendships.

4. Advice and Support: GHH members can expect help leveling, crafting, getting loot, finishing tough quests, and more. We welcome experienced and new players both.

5. Crafting and Economy: Unsurprisingly for a guild based on the Great House known for commerce and business, GHH members love to trade.

6. Voice Chat Server: Our guild currently hosts a TeamSpeak server open to all members.

What We'd Like From You:

1. Activity: Member activity can make or break the guild experience. Again, there are no quotas, but we hope you'll group with your guildies, speak up in chat, help each other by crafting and trading, and show up to PvP when we go out as a group.

2. Voice Chat: We are using the voice program TeamSpeak for our in-game chat. We do not expect all members to have a microphone or actively participate in voice chat, though we prefer it. At a minimum, however, members participating in PvP must have the chat client downloaded and be present in the channel during events. Even if you can't talk, you need to be able to hear instructions.

3. Be Friendly: There's nothing wrong with a good natured ribbing, but we expect our members to treat each other and our officers with respect.

How To Join:

If you decide you're interested, shoot an in-game mail message to @nine9six or @IcyDeadPeople briefly telling us about yourself and why you'd like to join. Nothing fancy is necessary: just a few brief sentences or a couple of paragraphs would be great.
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